Works on Construction of a Barge are Being Completed at Vyborg Shipyard

April 26, 2013

Works on construction of a semi-submersible barge for own needs are being completed at Vyborg Shipyard. Putting the barge into operation will enable the Shipyard to improve construction technology with reduction in cost and works performance time as well as to remove a part of infrastructural limitations of the shipyard on maximum width of the vessels under construction. Now Vyborg Shipyard will be able to build vessels with 30m width (up to this point the maximum width was 18m) and 150m length.

The semi-submersible barge is intended for launching of hulls, skidding of hull structures with weight up to 5000 t and carrying out of transport operations on transfer of cargoes outside the water area of Vyborg Shipyard. Besides, on the barge deck there will be executed hull assembly works as well as launching of icebreakers being built at the Shipyard.

Construction of the barge has been carried out within the maximum short period and is the next stage of the modernization program of the Shipyard. At present the barge is being prepared for moving out of the shop. The first semi-submersible pontoon will be transported from the covered berth on April, 25, the second – on April, 29, and then the completed barge will be launched.