Trelleborg Exhibits New Vapor Surpressing Spheres for First Time at International Aboveground Storage Tank Trade Show

February 22, 2013

Global manufacturer of polymer and syntactic foam-based solutions, Trelleborg, will be showcasing its extensive range of rubber fire protection, suppression and containment products at the 15th Annual International Aboveground Storage Tank Conference & Trade Show in Orlando, Florida on March 13th – 15th.

The company will be exhibiting a number of innovations specifically designed for the storage tank management industry at the exhibition. These include its latest innovation, Vapor Suppressing Spheres, which it will showcase for the very first time.
Applied as a semi-permanent vapor barrier or used as an additive to fire fighting foam, the new Vapor Suppressing Spheres create a barrier between flammable liquids, both polar and non-polar, and the vapor space above; effectively separating those components needed for fire, fuel and oxygen. As the product is capable of handling high temperatures and has an oil repellant outer coating, the barrier lasts indefinitely compared to the temporary barrier that traditional ‘wet’ foam provides, therefore eliminating the need for continuous re-application.

 Trelleborg’s Vapor Suppressing Spheres, which vary in size from 3mm to 5 mm, are applied dry and self-assemble into a foam-like structure that is lighter than both oil and water. The resulting ‘foam’ suppresses vapors to the point of extinguishing the liquid hydrocarbon fires. Unlike traditional water-based foams, the dry foam Fire Suppression Spheres work without experiencing freezing or bubble degradation, and are better for the environment because they do not contain fluorosurfactants.

 Also on stand will be Trelleborg’s Vikodeck passive fire protection system which is designed to offer surface protection against both jet fire and hydrocarbon fires in offshore oil and gas environments. The system can be tailor made to suit customer requirements and manufactured in different sizes and shapes to suit any surface. A cost effective system which is quick and easy to install meaning no hot work is required, Vikodeck features a slim design which is robust and maintenance free, while reducing weight.

Trelleborg’s flexible fire seal, which will also be featured on stand, offers a flexible connection between rigid metal sections, connecting modules and maintaining a fireproof partition. The flexible seal is capable of handling large displacements and can absorb misalignments and angular deviations, as well as eliminate stress concentrations.

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