TNK-BP Boosts Production Efficiency for Difficult Reserves Thanks to the New-Design Wells at Samotlor

January 25, 2013

TNK-BP boosts production efficiency for difficult reserves thanks to the new-design wells at Samotlor.

TNK-BP announced the launch of a pilot project on installing simplified wells at Samotlor field; the company hopes this would boost production efficiency for difficult reserves. Preliminary estimates put the savings from the move at 6%.

The technology is implemented in wells for the edge zones of the “Ryabchik” formation with 108 million tons of reserves (ABC1 + C2). Reduced diameter of the production casing saves the money by ensuring higher drilling efficiency and reduced metal content for deviated and horizontal wells.  If the pilot project is successful by 2016, the company plans to complete the transition to the new technology for the wells drilled on the “Ryabchik” reservoir. In the future, the field will have over 200 simplified wells, with total economic impact of $25 million, experts say.

In 2013, TNK-BP plans to fork out over $100 million for the projects on search, testing and implementation of new technologies for accessing the difficult reserves. This will boost the company’s production by estimated 4 million tons by 2015.

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