Oil and Gas Industry Latest Tech Trends

13.09.2012 New Sovcomflot tanker is named after Georgy Maslov

On 10 September 2012 in Busan (South Korea) a naming ceremony of a new SCF tanker Georgy Maslov took place.

30.08.2012 Nortek Launches Oil Spill Detection System SeaDarQ

Using high quality marine X-band radar, the Nortek oil spill detection system can detect and monitor oil slicks, highlight the affected area and predict the trajectory of spill movement.

30.08.2012 ION Launches WiBand

ION Geophysical Corporation announced that its GX Technology data processing group has introduced a seismic data processing technology that delivers broadband results for conventional “flat” streamer data.  Known as WiBandTM, this new technology delivers superior high resol

18.08.2012 Sercel Launches a Next-Generation Sentinel RD Solid Streamer

   With over 4,000 kilometers of streamers delivered to more than 60 seismic vessels worldwide since its introduction in 2005, Sentinel has become the system of choice for streamer seismic survey acquisition.

18.06.2012 REAM-RTI Сompound Improves Antifriction Properties

   Elastomer compounds used to produce gaskets, marine block bearings, bottom-hole engines, screw pump stators and other heavy duty components that are exposed to sliding friction.

05.06.2012 ION Launches Calypso Seabed Seismic System

ION Geophysical Corporation (NYSE: IO) today announced the launch of Calypso™, its next generation redeployable seabed acquisition system.  Leveraging ION's industry-leading VectorSeis® digital sensors to deliver the same unrivaled broadband imaging, Calypso is designed to

02.06.2012 New Versabar Lift Device: The Claw

   Designed and built in just nine months as a solution for reducing diver exposure time in offshore salvage operations, the Claw is Versabar’s new lift device to be used in conjunction with the VB 10,000 lift system.

18.08.2011 SECC Unveils Next Generation Emergency Disconnect Solution For Subsea Market

Subsea connector specialist, SECC Oil & Gas, has unveiled its next generation of emergency disconnect solutions to help offshore operators reduce the risk of pollution and provide protection to offshore personnel, subsea equipment and the marine environment.

14.03.2011 Consiliums Oil Spill Detection Radar Established in Market

The recently launched Oil Spill Radar by Consilium Marine & Safety was tested together with the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the Norwegian Clean Seas Association For Operative Companies (NOFO).