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03.05.2013 Russian Minister Revises Domestic Gas Tariff Increases Citing Slow Economic Growth

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russia's Minister of Economic Development, Andrey Belousov, stated April 29 that the government could limit it's annual gas price increases for industrial customers starting in 2014.

01.05.2013 April 2013

29.04.2013 Caspian Pipeline Consortium Holds Board and Shareholder Meetings

Caspian Pipeline Consortium-R Board and Caspian Pipeline Consortium-K General Shareholders Meetings  were held on April 25.

The CPC-K General Shareholders Meeting elected a new Board which included General Director Nikolai Brunich.

24.04.2013 Norway Ready to Drill Along Russian Border

The Norwegian government’s readiness to drill in the formely disputed waters in the Barents Sea opens not only a new petroleum province, but possibly also a new phase in relations with Russia, Barents Observer Reports.

08.04.2013 Russia Seeks Baltic Pollution Partnerships

Russia's push to create public-private partnerships as a way to help clean up the polluted Baltic Sea is the focus of an environmental summit in St. Petersburg, UPI reports.

01.04.2013 Looking Back on 2012: for Russia, More Good than Bad

There were quite a number of events last year, some represented positive developments while others can be considered negative. The list below breaks the more important events into several theme categories and lists the positives and negatives for each.

27.03.2013 Cheaper Oil to Hinder Russia’s Development Through 2030 - Official

Prime reports that the anticipated decline in oil and gas prices through 2030 will hinder Russia’s ability to catch up with the world’s leading economies, Deputy Economic Development Minister Andrei Klepach said on Tuesday.

18.03.2013 Russia Proposes Boost in Energy Exports to China Soon

Prime reports that Russia will prepare proposals to increase oil and natural gas exports to China by the end of March, when its President Xi Jinping visits Moscow, Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters Friday.

18.03.2013 Britain to Work With on Russia Natural Gas

UPI reports that the British and Russian governments have an opportunity to explore further work in the natural gas sector, British Foreign Secretary William Hague said.

18.03.2013 Venezuela's Post-Chavez Oil Policy to Focus on China, Russia

Reuters reports that Venezuela's post-Chavez oil policy will increasingly focus on deals with China and Russia if acting President Nicolas Maduro wins an April 14 election to continue his late boss's socialist programs.