October 6, 2012
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Oil&Gas Eurasia is the world's leading publication for the international and domestic oilfield services and supply industry in Russia and the CIS. In the Russian and the CIS upstream, Oil&Gas Eurasia has no competition.

Technology driven, Oil&Gas Eurasia is the only international B2B trade publication produced in and distributed from Moscow. We don't second guess the Russian market from Houston or from London.

OGE highlights oilfield technology and equipment in non-technical language for senior managers in Russian companies. Our readers are clients and prospective clients of our advertisers. And because OGE is bilingual, Russian and English parallel text, OGE's advertisers have "twice the chance" of reaching the right buyer or business partner. Oil&Gas Eurasia is for, and about, the international oil and gas business in Russia. Every month, OGE's team of bilingual, international journalists covers:

Russia's integrated major oil companies, their activities at home and abroad;
International majors and what they're up to in Russia;
International service companies;

Equipment and technology that is being sold into the Russian market from abroad and the exports of Russian manufacturers who are exploring new markets;
Oil&Gas Eurasia is published, printed and distributed from Moscow by American owned and managed Eurasia Press Inc., specialists in independent, bilingual trade publishing. OGE also has representatives in Houston, Tyumen, Baku, Yuzno Sakhalinsk, and Almaty.

Eurasia Press also publishes Eurasia Offshore and in the downstream, Eurasia Processing.

Eurasia Press offers a variety of advertiser services to assist US, European and other foreign firms to gain market entry into Russia, and to assist Russian firms in entering markets outside of Russia. These services include design, translation and print management of marketing brochures and annual reports, and bilingual ad design. Eurasia Press also offers direct marketing services and consulting. 


Oil & Gas Eurasia has completed its first BPA Worldwide consumer magazine audit.


Glenn J. Hansen, BPA Worldwide President, praised Oil & Gas Eurasia for voluntarily opening its records to independent verification and documentation of its circulation data. Hansen pointed out that the audit facilitates the buying and selling of advertising space. A BPA Worldwide consumer magazine audit provides advertisers and agencies with assurance that the magazines they choose to invest in do, in fact, reach target audiences for specific ads.

The BPA Worldwide audit also helps media companies by documenting the quality of their audiences. Copies of the initial BPA Worldwide audit report for Oil & Gas Eurasia are available from BPA Worldwide or the publisher. Oil & Gas Eurasia will be issuing semi-annual circulation statements in the standard BPA Worldwide format.

BPA Worldwide conducts its circulation audits on an annual basis following accepted auditing procedures. In addition to verifying exact counts of recipients, BPA Worldwide also documents that they are qualified in the markets served by the publications.

About BPA Worldwide:

A not-for-profit organization since 1931, BPA Worldwide is governed by a tripartite board comprising media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers. Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world, spanning more than 25 countries.

Worldwide, BPA serves more than 2,500 media members and applicants–including more than 2,000 B-to-B publications, more than 500 consumer magazines, plus newspapers, events, Web sites, email newsletters, databases, wireless and other advertiser–supported media. BPA’s membership also includes more than 2,600 advertiser and agency members. Visit www.bpaww.com for the latest audit reports, membership information and publishing and advertising industry news.

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