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Heavy Vehicles for Heavy Work

For many years the oil and gas industries have used vehicles built on Ural chassis. In 2001, the giant vehicle producer, UralAZ, was reorganized to become Ural Automobile Factory. The new enterprise is part of the Russian automotive holding company, RusPromAvto. Today the factory is one of the most stable and dynamically developing businesses in Russia's automotive industry.

The factory produces long-range 44, 66 and 88 vehicles capable of hauling between 4.5 and 15 tons. The vehicles are built to withstand all road and climate conditions.

Alongside production of the vehicles themselves, special technology to mount on the chassis is assembled, including steam installations, cisterns for the transport of oil products, cranes, drilling, well-repair, spill clean-up and condensate harvesting machines, geophysics laboratories, etc. Recently this suite of technology for mount on Ural chassis has also come to include some of the latest technologies: booster-pump and cement mixers, oxygen-depleted air compressors, well-mopping devices, etc.

The subdivision, which produces specialized technology, and mine transport in particular, is the carriage and body-work division. Ural mine transports have been developed to conform to UN European Economic Commission safety and passenger-comfort standards. They have high-comfort salons with soft seating for 10, 22 or 28 people and are heated and soundproofed. These transports can be modified by client order to include a separate cargo area or additional heating or air-conditioning for the salon and drivers cabin.

At present, the factory is actively working on the modernization of automotive technology currently being produced. A shipment of vehicles with YAMZ-236NE motors (turbo-injection, cooling, Euro-2) has been produced. The factory has also produced vehicles with reinforced front-axle that can bear weights of up to 6.5 tons, chassis with enhanced power take-off, and vehicles with anti-blocking systems have been launched. It is equipped to produce vehicles with intra-wheel blocking for middle and rear wheel-axles. By special order, the factories will produce vehicles with double cabins or with extra cabin space for resting. There are plans to increase the volumes of modern vehicle production in the future, and to serially produce more modern lines of Ural vehicles.

Demand for various modifications of the hoodless, four-axled vehicles of the Ural-5323 make, which have YAMZ-238B motors (300 liters per second, turbo-injected). The Ural-5323 make has optimal distribution of weight across its axles, can haul large loads and makes maximum use of the vehicles adjustment capabilities. Ural-5323s come with either standard or elongated wheel-bases and can carry between 10 and 15 tons of load.

Since entering the RusPromAvto holding group, Ural Automobile has both new goals and new possibilities. Ural Auto looks forward to the modernization of a whole series of serially produced vehicles and to developing the capability to produce heavy transport machines which will weigh from 26 to 33 tons. Up until now this has not been a possibility because of lack of investment capacity. This new class of heavy trucks will include haulage vehicles for on or off-road transport and vehicles with chassis equipped to carry specialized technology. Ural Auto plans to make these advances in partnership with IVECO.

In its active sales work as Ural Auto.s general dealer, AvtoUral Trading House intends to continue its development of a network of new dealers and service centers across Russia and abroad.

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