Polish Shale Gas Law "Near Completion"

June 14, 2013

Deputy Minister of the Environment Piotr Wozniak has stated that amended draft legislation on hydrocarbons has been sent to the Cabinet's Permanent Committee.

The 'Geological and Mining' law, which is intended to speed up investment in Poland's shale gas exploration programme, has been some two years in the making.

Wozniak, who is also Poland's Chief State Geologist, stressed that a more simplified licensing model has been proposed in the latest amendments.

The deputy minister noted that the most important amendment concerns the limitation of new state body, the National Energy Minerals Operator (NOKE).

Participation of NOKE in investments will still be mandatory, as previously proposed, but its profits will be proportional to its share in the costs, which cannot rise to more than 5 percent.

Under the terms of the amendments, NOKE also loses its right to veto other parties in a prospective investment. It can however submit its reservations, which will be considered by the Ministry of Environment.

Source: TheNEWs.pl, 2013.