December 2, 2008
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Specialist Scanner Boosts Sonomatic’s Subsea Support

Inspection technologies market leader Sonomatic has launched a new scanner for measuring the shape and dimension of subsea structures.
The revolutionary Ovality Scanner uses pulse echo technology, deploying two probes driven by Sonomatic’s Microplus II digital ultrasonic system. The probes are located at an equal distance apart around the pipe’s circumference and mounted on Sonomatic’s Nautilus manipulator – a motorised, dual-axis scanner – via a rigid 230º ring attached to a frame. This in turn is connected to the topside digital ultrasonic processor.
The entire system is pressure-rated to a depth of 250 meters and while initially predominantly diver-deployed it is already being integrated into Sonomatic’s ROV systems.
Bespoke software allows the collected data to be presented in a “polar plot” which compares the pipe’s surface against the scanner ring to automatically calculate the maximum/minimum diameters and ovality. Wall thickness can be measured at the same time to establish the dimensions of the remaining wall at each location and all the data is presented in B/C/D colour-quantised formats.
Sonomatic Operations and Business Development Manager Zach McCann said: “The Ovality Scanner was originally designed to conform to tolerances that would allow for the later application of a ‘hot tap support sleeve’. However, we quickly realised that this equipment has the potential for much wider applications.”
The scanner enables:
determining clamp sizes for repairs;
measuring dents following pipe damage;
analysing a component’s shape to establish its effect on load resistance.
Zac McCann added that the ovality scanner performed impressively during trials and proved its worth in the field.
“We are confident that this new technology will prove invaluable across a range of applications involving assessing critical subsea structures,”  McCann concluded. 

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