November 18, 2010
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Russia To Stop Shipping Crude Via Ukraine and Belarus

Russia will stop shipping crude through Ukraine and Belarus, Transneft First Vice President Mikhail Arustamov said adding that Russia had actively used the Odessa-Brody and Brody-Yuzhniy pipelines when it did not have enough export capacity. But, he said, with the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline opened, this lack of capacity has been almost completely alleviated, reports.  

In January 2011, when 15 million tons of crude will be pumped to Chain every year, the lack of export capacity will be practically eradicated, he said.

Arustamov said that in light of the looming launch of the Ust-Luga port in Leningrad Region, Transneft will no longer be dependent on countries with pipelines.

He clarified that the second line of the Baltic pipeline system would be filled with crude which is currently pumped via the Druzhba pipeline through Belarus to Gdansk and also with crude now flowing through the Odeessa-Brody and Brody-Yuzhniy pipelines.

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