October 27, 2010
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№10 October   2010

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China to Boost Natural Gas Pipelines Network

China Daily reported that China will triple the total length of its natural gas pipelines in the next five years to meet rising demand.

Mr Yang Jianhong deputy director of the oil and gas pipeline department at the China Petroleum Planning and Engineering Institute said the total length of natural gas pipelines in the country will reach 100,000 kilometers by the end of 2015, compared with 36,000 km by the end of 2010.

He said that construction of natural gas pipelines will reach its peak in the next five years and with the development of a national gas supply network. He added that the network will have domestically produced gas as its main source and imported gas as a backup.

China onshore natural gas production is mainly located in western regions. Offshore natural gas is mostly found in the East China Sea.

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