June 19, 2010
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№6 June   2010

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Ukraine Said to Have 2 Trillion Cubic Meters of Shale Gas

Ukraine has shale gas reserves of at least 2 trillion cubic meters, Deputy Director of the Ukrainian Department of Technological Policy at the National Agency of Effective use of Energy Resources Aleksandr Semchenko said. "According to the information geologists have, though it is preliminary data, Ukraine has from two to 32 trillion cubic meters of shale gas", Semchenko said.
He added that preliminary assessments show that Ukraine has about 8 trillion cubic meters of methane gas in coal beds. "In principle, [methane] is easier to obtain since the concentraiton of gas in the rock is 100-120 times as great as in shale in coal. So, first we must look at methane. But the president's instructions (dated 4 June 2010) are correct, to look at shale in practical, rather than hypothetical terms", Semchenko said.
On June 10, First Deputy Ukrainian Prime Minister Andrey Klyuyev said the cabinet plans to double gas production in Ukraine over the next 10 years to 40 billion cubic meters of gas per year.
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