June 2, 2010
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№5 May   2010

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Russia Increases 2010 Crude Production Forecast

The Russian Economic Development Ministry predicts that crude production in the country in 2010 will be 499 million tons, or 6 million tons more than in the forecast approved by the government in December 2009, Finmarket reports.
According to an addendum to Russia's Social and Economic Development Plan through 2013, the base scenario of crude production in the Russian Federation in 2011 will be 498 million tons (earlier, it was 493 million tons); in 2012, it will be 500 million tons and in 2013, 502 million tons.
The government expects 2010 oil exports to be 250.5 million tons, or 3.5 million tons more than in its previous forecast. In 2011, exports could reach 248 million tons (previously 247 million tons), while forecasts predict Russia will export 248 in both 2012 and 2013.
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