May 11, 2009
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№4 April   2009

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Oleg Veter Accepts CEO Position at Severstal-Metiz

(Severstal-Metiz) - Effective May 12, Oleg Veter will take over the reigns as the CEO of Severstal-Metiz. Mr. Veter is replacing Olga Naumova after 5 years of dedicated service in the position.

Anatoly Kruchinin, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Severstal-metiz, thanked Mrs. Naumova for her many years of hard work and remarked that during this short period of time, the team under her leadership had united the leading plants of Russia and Ukraine and created a strong metalware group oriented towards the industrial clients and issue of high-value products.

Oleg Veter began his professional career in the Department of strategic planning of Severstal in 1997. Over the last 6 years he has been involved in the commercial activities of Severstal-metiz and during the last year held the role of commercial director of the company. Anatoly Kruchinin believes that in his previous position Mr Veter did a lot to make the company more effective. His new appointment will contribute to the further effective development of Severstal-metiz, growing and strengthening its competitiveness.

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