December 2, 2008
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Furmanite seals Kazakh contract

Furmanite, the specialist engineering services company, has been awarded an on-going contract to provide on-line pressurised leak sealing and pressure safety valve testing to Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV (KPO), in the Karachaganak field, Kazakhstan.  Both services are geared to helping operators avoid downtime, and keep their assets operating and earning efficiently.

Furmanite pioneered on-line leak sealing technology, and deploys a wide range of techniques and technologies using the latest designs, materials and compounds to seal steam, water, hydrocarbons, gas and chemical leaks at temperatures from sub-zero to 600°C and pressures to 350 barg.  The company also led the market in on-line pressure safety valve (PSV) testing with its Trevitest technology, which allows valves to be tested on-line at normal operating pressures and temperatures, producing a date-certified print-out of the valve performance, and enabling only those valves needing attention to be removed from the line during shutdown.

Both services will be provided to KPO by experienced Furmanite technicians, either from Furmanite’s Caspian base in Baku or from the UK.  There is also provision within the contract for local technicians to be trained in accordance with Furmanite’s rigorous assessments and procedures to meet its high quality and safety standards to deliver these services, dependent upon workload and demand.

The award of this contract to Furmanite is an extension to the company’s on-going relationship with KPO dating back to 2002, which has encompassed shutdown services, on-site machining, controlled bolting and pipeline repair clamps.

Furmanite regional sales manager Martin Wilson said: “This is typical of the type of service we are able to offer, to help our customers minimise downtime, avoid unscheduled shutdown and keep their assets operating, and long term agreements such as these are one of the ways in which operators can gain maximum benefit from our technologies and expertise.”

Karachaganak is one of the world’s largest oil and gas condensate fields, located in north west Kazakhstan.  The field development is overseen by Karachaganak Petroleum Operating BV (KPO), comprising four international partners: BG Group (32.5%), Eni (32.5%), Chevron (20%), and Lukoil (15%). - Furmanite


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