July 1, 2012
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Nord Stream Publishes Annual Environmental Monitoring Results 2011 from Finnish Waters

Nord Stream AG's Annual Environmental Monitoring Results 2011 from the Finnish and Estonian Exclusive Economic Zones have been published. The results show that the actual impacts of the construction works and operations of the pipeline in Finnish waters were in line with or less than had been assessed before the start of construction.

Nord Stream monitors potential impacts on the Baltic Sea environment caused by the construction and operation of the pipelines in all five countries through whose waters the pipeline passes, according to its national monitoring programmes.

In the Finnish EEZ, the impacts of rock placement on seabed morphology and water quality were monitored during 2011. The monitoring also covered the potential impacts of pipe-laying on seabed morphology and on the condition of cables, barrels and cultural heritage. In addition, upon completion of Line 1 construction the overall impacts of construction on sediment quality have been monitored in Finnish and Estonian waters, and the impacts of the pipeline operation on currents close to the seabed and HELCOM monitoring stations.

In 2011, about 175,000 cubic metres of rock material was placed at altogether 120 berm locations to support the pipelines. The dynamically positioned pipelay barge installed altogether 54 kilometres of Line 1 and 228 kilometres of Line 2, whereas the anchored lay barge installed 148 kilometres of Line 2. Line 1 became operational in November 2011.

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