July 28, 2012
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Turkey Echoes Downsizing of Nabucco Pipeline, Promotes TANAP

Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz has echoed the proposal of the Nabucco Consortium for downsizing the previously ambitious EU-sponsored gas transit pipeline project, Nabucco.

Turkey's energy and natural resources minister said on Friday that it would not be appropriate to say that the Nabucco project was over, as cited by The Journal of Turkish Weekly.

Taner Yildiz said the project would probably survive as "Nabucco West" - a smaller, shorter pipeline, widely thought likely to begin at the Bulgarian-Turkish border rather than in Azerbaijan.

"In the end I believe whatever the name of the project is, it is more important that it is do-able," Yildiz told an interview with the Financial Times.

Yildiz said it was more realistic to begin with the Azebaijan-Turkey route, TANAP (Azerbaijan-Turkish Trans Anatolian gas pipeline), which could be linked up with another pipeline to bring gas to other European markets.

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