March 29, 2012
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Matra Petroleum Announces Production Commences At Well A-13

Matra, the independent oil and gas exploration and production Company with operations in Russia, is pleased to announce that production commenced on Monday 26th March at Well A- 13 on its 100% owned Sokolovskoe oil field discovery in Orenburg.

The well is currently flowing oil naturally, as we expected, and is likely to take some time to stabilise. Production is also likely to be affected during the next few weeks due to the start of the thaw period when oil trucking may be difficult and also during the commissioning period for new equipment.

The thaw period is expected to last approximately four to six weeks following which a workover rig will be used to install a down-hole electrical submersible pump on Well A-13 to optimise production.

Peter Hind, Matra's Managing Director said: "We are pleased that we have been able to start production at Well A-13 despite recent poor weather conditions in Orenburg. The well will take some time to stabilise before we can report meaningful production numbers.

The equipment was mobilised to site just ahead of the thaw period which has now begun.

We look forward to reporting production rates once the down-hole pump is installed."

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