February 4, 2012
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Ukraine To Increase Coal Output To 84 Million Tons In 2012

Interfax-Ukraine cited Mr Yuriy Boiko Ukrainian Energy and Coal Minister as saying that Ukraine plans to increase coal output in 2012 to 84 million tons from 82 million tons in 2011.

Therefore, production this year will increase by 2.4%.

Mr Boiko said "The switching of our heat power plants to coal will allow us to save up to six billion cubic meters of gas a year."

Earlier, the Ukrainian government included the state-run Eskhar heat power plant two on the list of state property that can undergo concession. The government said that the transfer of enterprises for concession could attract investments into projects for modernization of heat power plants for their further switch to modern technologies of coal burning including the coal-water mixture technology.

Ukrainian coal-sector companies increased production by 8.9%YoY in 2011 to 81.859 million tons. Coking coal output in 2011 was up by 3.7%, to 24.858 million tons and the production of power-generating coal increased by 11.4%, to 57 million tons.

In 2011 Donetsk region increased coal output by 13.1% to 36.266 million tons, Luhansk region by 9.7% to 27.269 million tons, Dnipropetrovsk region by 2.5% to 15.414 million tons while coal production in Lviv region dropped by 10.2% to 2.359 million tons, and in Volyn region by 4.8% to 550,200 tons.

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