August 22, 2011
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Bahrain May Drill Deeper And Look To Russia For Gas

Reuters cited Mr Abd Al Hussein Mirza energy minister of Bahrain as saying that Bahrain should drill deeper for natural gas and even look as far as Russia to meet growing demand for fuel as supply talks with its neighbors stall.

Demand for gas in the country has grown rapidly in the last few years, pressing the kingdom to find new sources of gas to feed its refining, power and aluminum smelting industries.

The Bahraini government expects drilling under a new gas exploration deal with US based Occidental to start soon but in the meantime it is considering importing gas from Turkmenistan or Russia because of slow progress on dealing with Iran or Qatar.

Mr Mirza said that Bahrain signed a framework agreement with Iran in 2008 and the negotiations made great strides but the negotiations were not completed due to disagreement over the price. Currently negotiations are frozen. Bahrain is studying the possibility of importing gas from Russia and Turkmenistan.

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