July 16, 2011
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Wind Power Farm Opens on Ukraine's Azov Shore

The Novoazov wind generation facility has opened near Bezimyanne village on the Ukrainian shore of the Azov Sea. Bezimyanne village is central to an investment project to build 43 wind generators each with the capacity of 2.5 MW. The project is being carried out from 2012-2014. and will have a combined generating capacity of 107.5 MW. The project will cost 1.8 billion hryvnyas.

So far, the first and second lines of the project have been built and 10 windmills erected. Construcito has started on the third line which will have another 13 units.

"43 windmills will give us more energy in one year than is consumed in the adjacent areas, that is, 2.5 such farms can power a city like Mariupol", Donetsk Governor Anatoliy Bliznyuk said.

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