April 20, 2011
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Gazprom Criticises Ukrainian Plans to Privatize Naftogaz

The decision by Ukrainian authorities to privatise Naftogaz Ukrayiny will complicate a joint venture with Gazprom, RIA-Novosti reports citing the Gazprom Deputy Chair Valeriy Golubev.

"We were in Ukraine two days ago and we did not receive an answer to the justifiable question about what Naftogaz' assets will be in light of the fact that the gas transport system belongs to the state", he said. Consequently, he stressed, future investors in Naftogaz will have a difficult time judging the company's prospects.

Golubev did not explain exactly how privatising Naftogaz could hurt a joint venture set up with Gazprom, nor did he say exactly what joint venture he was referring to.

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