December 27, 2010
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Tatneft Enhances the Security of its Energy System

Tatneft possessing a powerful energy system carries out significant measures to ensure its safety, reliability and uninterrupted power supply of its own divisions and third-party consumers.

The work has been completed on reconstruction of substations and replacement of oil circuit breakers 6 (10) kV for vacuum ones. These units will provide not only for the reliability of the substations operation, but also will ensure a substantial reduction in operating costs: these are virtually maintenance-free devices with a 25 years' service life period. Tatneft has equipped 100 percent of its 6 / 10 kV substations with advanced reliable circuit breakers and the Company is one of the leaders in the Russian Federation in this area.

A decision has been taken to employ modern microprocessor-based protection systems for the substations for the purpose of minimizing failure accidents in the electric power supply system, including the relay protection devices. The saved funds resulting from lower energy costs are spent for this purpose. Active work in this area started in 2010 with thousand of devices replaced in the course of the year. This work is scheduled to be completed within 4-5 years. In the near future the plans provide for changing the switches 110-35 kV at the large substations. As of now 35% of the devices have been replaced.

Natural disasters in December this year showed the need for capital investments into the repair of high-voltage power lines. Meanwhile, this nature-induced test has confirmed the correctness of the technologies' choice. The reconstruction of power transmission lines with application of overhead fittings, which have withstood the icing and bursting wind, has proved worth doing it. Based on the results of analyzing of the abnormal weather conditions impact it is necessary to develop a program envisaging enhancement of Tatneft's electric power supply grids stability with regard to withstanding natural phenomena.

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