Nabucco, TAP Important for Azerbaijani Gas Exports to Europe

April 24, 2013

Nabucco and Trans-Adrian pipelines are essential for bringing gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, Estonian Foreign Minister says, reports.

Strengthening the external aspect of the European Union’s energy policy would also help to develop the internal market, Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said today at the European Union foreign ministers’ discussion on energy, APA-Economics reports citing

“It is essential to strengthen the external aspect of energy policy and have unified communication with third countries,” said Paet. “Together with building the connections we lack, this is another requirement for creating an internal energy market,” he noted.

Paet stated that energy-related relations with third countries must become a significant part of the political dialogue. To increase energy security the European Union should offer partnership, free trade, or energy-related agreements in order to ensure long-term and trustworthy energy supplies with definitive agreements and clear terms.
“Estonia supports the development of the Southern Corridor gas connection,” the Estonian foreign minister confirmed. “The Southern Corridor would help to increase the supply security of the European Union as a whole, diversify connections and supply channels of natural gases, and involve new suppliers,” Paet said. “The development of the Southern Corridor is a very important energy project for the European Union, the success of which would help to link the European Union, one of the biggest consumers of natural gas in the world, with extensive natural gas resources,” he explained. “In order for the Southern Corridor to be realized, the European Union must be united. Estonia believes that the Nabucco and Trans-Adrian pipelines are essential for bringing gas from Azerbaijan to Europe,” Paet added.

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