MIOGE 2015: A civilized market is the key to developing the sector

June 25, 2015

we prepare our demands on equipment, we clearly define the technical specifications which must be met. If an equipment manufacturer participating in one of our tenders meets these requirements, then we consider him to have satisfied our quality requirements and then we choose the lowest price", Solafilyeva said.

During yesterday's plenary sessions, forum participants also discussed trends and prospects in oil exploration and production in Russia. Specifically, the director of geological exploration resource base development with Gazprom neft, Alexey Bashkevich noted that the company had successfully launched a pilot testing field in Tomsk Region.

"It is one thing to speak of intentions, and trying to find an agreement based solely on words and quite something else when a specific well has already been drilled and core samples retrieved and all of this can be shared among subsoil companies and the state in Tomsk Region under the supervision of Rosgeologiya", Bashkevich said, "For us this is a signal that opportunities are opening today on a new level and we are already in bigger talks with Rosgeologiya and looking at an entire new level of involvement".

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