Iran has no gas shortage has halted Turkmen gas imports

November 19, 2012

Iranian Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi said that that his country currently has no oil shortage, noting this was true "even without importing gas from Turkmenistan".

The two sides have not come to terms on purchase conditions. The imports of natural gas may be resumed if an agreement is reached.

Iran has put in a request for increasing imports of natural gas from Turkmenistan up to 40 million cubic meters per day. Iran imports 15 million to 18 million cubic meters of gas per day from Turkmenistan but the figure reaches 30 million cubic meters during winter.

Mr Javad Owji MD of National Iranian Gas Company recently said that imports of natural gas from Turkmenistan into Iran have decreased by 52 percent over the H1 of the current Iranian year compared to the same period last year which began on March 20.

According to BP, Iran imported some 10.2 billion cubic meters of gas from Turkmenistan last year while exporting some 8.4 billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey. Last year, gas consumption and production in Iran amounted to about 153.3 billion cubic meters and 151.8 billion cubic meters respectively.

Iran also barters around 400,000 cubic meters of its gas to Armenia for electricity.

With Azerbaijan, Iran is using swaps which accounts for one million cubic meters of gas per day.

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