Gazprom Neft subsidiary launches Russia’s biggest engine oil production at Omsk lubricants plant

By Elena Zhuk, June 17, 2014

today, the company has obtained around 100 approvals from international and global car manufacturers. “This year, we’re conducting large-scale programs with Mercedes, Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda and Lamborghini. The key objective today is to boost our presence in Asia and, accordingly, build ties with Chinese car makers such as LIFAN and Chery. But we’re also not forgetting about Russian manufacturers – KAMAZ and GAZ,” said Osmushnikov.

Around a year ago we changed the ideology of our work with customers, Trukhan said. “We have already acquired everything that could have been acquired in the technology market and switched to next phase, which is development of our own technology. Our work with customers allows us to invest in technology, which is owned solely by us, and over a certain period of time only we are entitled to its exclusive use,” he explained. 

“While earlier we used to buy equipment so we could equip our laboratories for certification purposes, today we’re buying pilot units,” stressed Osmushnikov. As he told OGE, pilot units for plastic lubes production will soon be delivered to an OZSM lab. The company plans to double plastic lubes production capacity from 6,000 tons to 12,000 tons after rebuilding production shops in the first quarter of 2015. Following reconstruction, Gazpromneft-Lubricants will be producing twice as many plastic lubes, expanding the product range from the current 10-12 items to 25-30. And these are not the lubes that had been produced in Soviet times, but the highly technological products that are able to perform under rising temperatures and pressure, as well as under big loads. 

OZSM today is already a leader in lubricants production in Russia, and its products are delivered to 29 countries across the globe, the biggest volumes being shipped to Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Their production is also under way at NIS, Serbia, while another upgrade in lubricants production is planned at MZSM.