Economic Effect of TNK-BP's Energy Saving Program Exceeds $270 Million

February 28, 2013

TNK-BP summarizes the results of its energy saving program implementation in 2009–2012. The overall economic effect of the program over this period amounts to $270.5 mln.

TNK-BP has been implementing a consistent strategy of power supply optimization through operational costs reduction, energy trading and captive power generation.

The Company launched the energy saving program in 2009. In 2012, its economic benefit reached $108 mln, which is 13% more than the year before. More than 80% of the savings are attributed to the Upstream.

According to TNK-BP Executive Vice President Mikhail Slobodin, the sustainable implementation of the program allowed to achieve an annual level of energy saving of 10.2% of the total TNK-BP energy consumption by the end of 2012. "In addition to more than 1466 mln kWh of electric energy saved, we actually achieved saving of 2362 gigajoules in terms of fuel and heat in 2012. The annual energy saving effect can be compared to the annual power consumption of the town of Podolsk with a population of about 200 thousand people," said Slobodin.