Azeri Gas Exports Increase 93% in November, 7.1% for Jan-Nov 2012

December 27, 2012

Azerbaijan increased gas exports (customs processing) by 93.3% from October to November, and by 7.1% for 11 months year-on-year in 2012. In November its share in the overall export reached 2.54% against 2.61% in 2011.

The State Customs Committee (SCC) informs that according to control-measuring devices for Jan-Nov 2012 country’s gas export totaled 6.1 bn cu m, including 604.695 million cu m in November, 646.66 million cu m in October, and 747.2 million cu m in January (this year’s best index).

According to cargo customs entries, it was registered 2.39 bn cu m of gas for $561.5 million, including 366.515 million cu m for $88.66 million in November (this year’s best figure) versus 189.6 million cu m for $48.879 million in October.

Average export price for 2012 still reaches $234.55 per 1,000 cu m for 2012, including $241.91 in November, $257.78 in October, $295.69 in September (this year’s highest level).

Last year country’s gas export totaled 7.09 bn cu m (921.6 million cu m in March – the best index of 2011) and it was registered 2.885 bn cu m of gas for $574.55 million. Average export price reached $267.4 per 1,000 cu m.

In 2010, record gas export totaled 1.792 bn cu m for $288.545 million. The record export volume of 307.97 million cu m for $54.765 million was registered in April.

In 2010 average export price made $60.94 per 1,000 cu m. In 2009 gas export totaled 671.7 million cu m for $125.3 million, at the average price of $186.57 per 1,000 cu m. In 2008, the country exported 369.788 million cu m of natural gas for $73.87 million at the price of $199.77 per 1,000 cu m versus $197.67 per 1,000 cu m in 2007.

The statistics takes into account only country’s own export not reporting details of gas export by international contractors from Shah Deniz field.

Azerbaijan has been net exporter of gas since 2007, primarily due to Shah Deniz field.

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