The 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow: Responsibly Energising a Growing World

May 13, 2014

are being developed – more effective and less ecologically damaging than those which have been launched in the US and Western Europe in recent decades,” said Academician Khadzhiev in his conclusions.

A  programme for all the industry

With 680 industry leaders and decision makers adressing the Congress, the comprehensive technical programme will cover the whole spectrum of the oil and gas sector, including upstream, downstream, gas, sustainable management of the industry and the Arctic. High-level plenary sessions special sessions, forums, round tables and best practice keynotes will provide expert view and knowledge about the latest development in the industry.

Ministers from countries such as Angola, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, and Norway will be addressing the Congress, as well as heads of companies and organisations such as Rex Tillerson, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Exxon Mobil Corporation, Maria das Graças Silva Foster, CEO of Brazil’s Petrobras, HE Abdalla Salem El-Badri, the OPEC Secretary General, Bob Dudley, Chairman of the Board for BP, Maria van der Hoeven, Executive Director of the IEA, Dr. Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, IHS and Pullitzer Prize Winner for “The Prize” and over 500 other industry leaders and decision makers.

The theme for the 21st World Petroleum Congress in Moscow is “Responsibly Energising a Growing World”

The Congress will address this ambitious goal by debating all aspects of energy supply and energy use. Access to energy is fundamental to development and in improving livelihood for people. The congress will focus the debate on solutions and innovation in producing energy, and on reliable, sustainable and wise use in both a near and long term perspective.

To meet the global energy demand, the producers, consumers, society and governments need to work in close cooperation to develop energy resources in a responsible way to achieve energy efficiency. To make this happen the industry has to energize professionals from all involved parties to become even more innovative. It is important to energize the youth and future generation son the issues we are currently facing in developing energy resources.

The congress takes place in Russia this time which makes it a natural to address the challenging Arctic issues in a comprehensive way. Massive investments are needed to supply energy to a growing world. Investors, governments and other stakeholder perspectives on geopolitical and other visionary issues will also be highlighted and debated.

An international Congress Programme Committee (CPC) with 17 experts from around the world, under the leadership of Tor Fjæran from Statoil in Norway, started years ago in their work to develop a comprehensive, topical and engaging programme for the Congress. They concluded with 90 sessions across four days and selected 680 presenters to cover the wide range of issues to be discussed.

The program for 21st WPC will include a number of features. High-level Plenaries from leading industry decision makers, interactive Round Tables and in-depth Forums with innovative Posters on a wide variety of industry aspects will address the status quo and the main challenges the sector is facing.