ТМК Improves Oilfield Service Efficiency

By Ivan Dolzhenko , October 8, 2013

Field Services International (OFSi) can produce more than 700,000 threaded pipe connections and about 250,000 couplings per year. It also offers pipe inspection services, and produces numerous types of downhole equipment widely used in the industry. 

TMK does business globally, producing pipe on different continents and delivering to 80 countries. Establishing OFSi in the U.S. goes hand in hand with our efforts to strengthen the integration of our pipe and oilfield service assets and to satisfy our clients’ demand for oilfield services. 

Dolzhenko: What changes have taken place recently at TMK NGS enterprises?

Bilan: We have established repair shops and manufacturing facilities for new products. For example, we launched production of 73-mm, 89-mm and 48-mm tubing pipe in Nizhnevartovsk and Buzuluk. This allows us to maintain or increase TMK’s market share. At TMK NGS Nizhnevartovsk, we opened an internal pipe-coating department. 

OMZ installed a hydropress for casing pipe production and set up a heat treatment furnace for tool joints. Truboplast introduced a heatproof and waterproof section, and launched a production floor for applying coating to fasteners and valve components. 

Dolzhenko: What do you see in the future for TMK NGS?

Bilan: We have three objectives going forward: to expand our presence worldwide; to enhance our capabilities and range of services; and to increase overall efficiency. We have the necessary experience, knowledge and equipment. Our customers trust us, and we will strive to maintain that trust.