November 21, 2008
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Integrated Systems for Pipeline Security: Does Anybody Object?

Tougher sanctions for the environmental pollution, oil market situation, as well as the growing number of unauthorized tie-ins designed to steal oil and oil products call for improvement of efficiency, reliability, and security of the pipeline management.

Always in Progress For 15 years, "LUKOIL" has been consistently building to its growth and success

That day the company was founded by three West-Siberian oil and gas plants: "Langepasneftegaz", "Urayneftegaz" and "Kogalimneftegaz".

Big Oil and Big Research

Mars Khasanov, Director of Science at Rosneft, replies to questions from Rosneft Magazine

ENI Answers the Kashagan Challenge

In the Top 10 list of “world-class” offshore development projects presently underway, one of the main contenders for the No.1 spot lies in Kazakhstan’s northern portion of the Caspian Sea.

Pumps Work Smarter with a Brain Boost from Lufkin Automation

You can't get more American than Lufkin, Texas, where in 1902 Lufkin Industries opened shop, and from where today the company ships pumps and automation equipment to oil producing regions worldwide.

Russia and Japan to strengthen partnership in energy sector

Japanese authorities expressed their interest in buying pipeline gas from Sakhalin-1 energy project on Monday during Russian Government’s delegation’s official visit to Tokyo as a part of the ongoing discussion on a broad range of energy issues. Foreign minister Taro Aso told Russian Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko Japan would also look into the possibility of acquiring LNG from Sakhalin-1 project, reports Reuters. The agency stated the project is under pressure to switch to LNG, natural gas chilled to liquid state for transportation, as Asian end users often lack facilities to accept natural gas.

Today's Top Story --- Yukos Shareholder to Take Legal Action against Asset Buyers

The potential buyers of the remaining Yukos assets which include a 9.44% stake in Rosneft set to go under the hammer tomorrow with the starting price of $7.5 billion are now running the risk of having lawsuits filed against them by the GML, formerly known as Group Menatep, still a majority shareholder of the bankrupt oil company. The director of the GML Tim Osborne said that “anybody buying assets at auction should think long and hard about it; we say that Yukos was stolen by the Russian Federation and anybody that buys its assets at auction is receiving stolen goods.”

The Yeltsin Epoch – An Expat’s Reflections from the Oil&Gas Side of Things. By Pat Davis Szymczak, Publisher of Oil&Gas Eurasia

In the late 1990s foreign correspondents in Moscow moaned often about how Russia wasn’t exactly good for their careers. As one US network coro told me then: “The editors in New York don’t care about Russia, they’ll air a story only if it’s on the Mir Space Station or if Yeltsin dies.” Another question editors back home asked often was “Do you think they’ll go Communist again?” That was a decade ago and this week, on Monday, April 22, 2007, Boris Yeltsin did meet his God. I’m still a journalist, but I run an oil and gas technology magazine, so why write a story? The death of a head of state out of office for eight years is for mass media, not technology press. But then I started to reflect on my own 1990s love affair with Russia. (Read complete story by clicking the headline hyperlink)

Today's Top Story ---- Russian Court Throws Out TNK-BP Kovykta Lawsuit

TNK-BP’s attempts to prevent Russian authorities from revoking its license to Kovykta gas field delivered a major setback when judge threw out BP’s Russian JV’s suit out of the Irkutsk Arbitration Court claiming the claims did not fall under the court’s jurisdiction. TNK-BP which is owned by BP Plc is due to lose Kovykta field by June under accusations of not meeting the production requirements set at the level of 9 billion cubic meters of gas per year.

Live From MIOGE: EU Optimistic About Cooperation with Russia

The third and the last day of the 5th Petroleum and Gas Congress held alongside the 9th MIOGE exhibition in Moscow was marked by the strong message sent by EU officials and European companies: Russia is and will remain Europe’s most important strategic partner in the energy sector for years to come.

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