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November 10, 2007
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From the Newsroom

Weatherford Signs Agreement with Kosmos-Neft-Gas

Weatherford International Ltd’s (NYSE: WFT) Russian operations and Kosmos-Neft-Gas recently signed a joint manufacturing and technology agreement to manufacture well control and automation control panels for Gazprom’s growing production optimization needs in Russia.

Nord Stream re-routes Pipeline north of Bornholm

Nord Stream has decided to re-route the pipeline to run north - rather than south - of the Danish island of Bornholm.

Russian Min Lists 97 Resources Fields for Prelim Exploration

Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources said it had earmarked 97 mineral resources fields in western and eastern Siberia to be offered for preliminary exploration.

Lukoil Admits Cutting Supplies to Germany

Russia's second largest oil producer, Lukoil, admitted on Friday it had reduced oil supplies through the Druzhba pipeline to Germany by around a third in July and August.

Total to Receive 25% of Shtokman Gas

France's Total will receive 25 pct of the output from the first stage of the Shtokman offshore natural gas project it operates together with OAO Gazprom in the Barents Sea, sources told Kommersant.

Gazprom Eyes More Price Hikes

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom is set to start negotiations with the Baltic countries, as well as with Ukraine and Belarus regarding new gas price increases expected to come into effect in 2008 bringing them closer to what Western European countries pay for Russian gas.

Gazprom Pushes Exxon on Gas Sales

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK -- Gas export monopoly Gazprom said Tuesday it needed gas from ExxonMobil's Sakhalin-1 project for domestic use, mounting pressure on the U.S. major to drop plans to export gas to China, reports The Moscow Times.

Lukoil and China National Petroleum strike a deal for oil and gas production

Lukoil, the largest oil producer in Russia, and China National Petroleum will cooperate on oil and natural gas production abroad and supplying hydrocarbons to China.

Президентство Путина: подготовка к перерыву

Назначение такого человека, как Виктор Зубков, на должность премьер-министра полностью соответствует мнению, что президент Путин не только останется доминирующим игроком во время правления следующего президента, но и, весьма вероятно, вернется еще на восемь лет в качестве четвертого президента России. Также весьма вероятно, что это произойдет до назначенных на 2012 год выборов.

Putin's Presidency: Preparing for an intermission

The appointment of a person with the profile of Viktor Zubkov to the role of Prime Minister is entirely consistent with the view that President Putin will not only remain the dominant player during the next presidency, but that it is highly probable he will return as Russia's fourth President for a further eight years. It is also entirely possible that this could occur well before the scheduled election date in 2012.

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