April 17, 2012
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Murmansk - Window on the World for Russian Arctic Oil and Gas in the 21st Century

It is estimated that up to a quarter of the world's unexplored offshore oil and gas resources lie off Russia's western Arctic shelf.

Marine Towed Streamer - The Switch to Solids

As recently as two years ago, 90 percent of the streamers towed by marine seismic vessels were filled with a fluid (often a hydrocarbon derivative) to provide positive buoyancy for the cable.

VOC Recovery Solutions Using Carbon Bed Adsorption Technology

The CVA system consists of two activated carbon beds; one is connected to the vapor line, working in "adsorption mode", while the other undergoes regeneration by means of vacuum.

From Submarines to Subsea Oil Tech

The Norwegian major Hydro is boosting its activities outside of Norway as it builds a global reputation as a leading player both upstream and downstream. So it is of no surprise that Russia - Norway's neighbor on the Arctic shelf and the owner of huge undeveloped hydrocarbon reserves, is getting a priority ranking in the company's international strategy.

Designing Aluminum Pipe Drill Strings for Extended Reach Horizontal Drilling

A rational drill string design in many respects defines the successful drilling of extended reach horizontal boreholes. The basic problem when drilling such boreholes are drag forces which directly depend on the weight of a drill string.

Girassol Stepping Stone for the Industry

In December 1992, a consortium of international oil companies, led by Elf Aquitaine (now Total) of France, acquired the rights to explore a large license area of offshore acreage, designated Block 17, in waters off the West African state of Angola.

High Technologies for Sakhalin-II Offshore Facilities

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