September 6, 2008
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Scientific Projects Give Drilling Practice a New Dimension

The successful development of vocational training for industry specialists and the effective work of scientific and research organizations in the former Soviet Union have created a comprehensive engineering knowledge base for drilling technology developing.

New Drilling Prospects of RITEK

Established in 1992, Russian Innovation Fuel-and-Energy Company (RITEK) has been focused on provision of high-quality services to the Russian hydrocarbon-producing companies.

National Drilling Company LLC Improves Sidetracking Technology

The majority of Russian oil fields are depleted and subject to water encroachment. These two problems indeed account for suspension of a significant part of production well stock.

How Past Lessons Learned Can Help Drillers Today and Tomorrow

After nationalization of the oil industry from 1922 to 1941, engineers and researchers consistently developed reliable designs of hydraulic and electric downhole motors.

Drilling Equipment for Complex Tasks

Izhdrill-HunHua is a Russian-Chinese enterprise, established on the basis of two well-known drilling equipment manufacturers: Izhdrill of Russia and HunHua of China.

Volgaburmash Invests to Build a Better Bit

With global drilling at an all-time high, the demand for downhole tools - primarily drill bits - is bullish, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

Russian Oil Majors Announce Growth in Drilling Plans

With oil prices at all time highs, the push continues to get as much out of the ground and to market as fast as possible. Here's what Russian majors are telling OGE about their plans this year to drill more wells.

How Compressible Cement Slurries Can Mitigate Annular Pressure

Tightness of tubing-casing and casing-borehole annulus remains a topical issue for gas and gas condensate wells both in Russia and abroad. To mention but one example, in the Mexican Gulf 8,122 wells out of total 11,498 have annular pressure. Whether the pressure appears, depends directly on the specifics of geological structure, well design and technologies used in well construction.

KCA DEUTAG's HR-5000 rigs commence drilling in Russia for TNK-BP

Burintekh Designs a Tool to Improve Drilling Efficiency in Eastern Siberia

Until recently, the inconvenience of complex geological sections has hampered development of production drilling in Eastern Siberia

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