September 17, 2011
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ROSING Laureats Go for the Gold

The ?«Golden ROSING?» awards were established in 2002 by the Russian Society of Oil and Gas Engineers as a stimulant for professionals who have reached great heights in the industry.

ROSING Laureats Go for the Gold

$10,000 is a modest tribute for a lifetime of achievement. The laureates, however, beamed with pride while receiving this remuneration along with a golden pin, a diploma, a plaque, and a lavish bouquet of flowers from the hands of ROSING's president Vyacheslav Manyrin and the president of Russian Union of Oil and Gas Industrialists Gennady Shmal at the fifth annual Golden ROSING awards.

I/O Sensor Receives Lloyd's Gold Award

In 2006 the Sensor Division of I/O was awarded the prestigious Lloyd's Gold Award for 10 years of continuous improvement under ISO 9001 certification.
Formed in 1947 the International Standardization Organization (ISO) - is the world's largest nongovernmental regulatory body.

The Golden ROSING Award Finds Its New Nominees

Since it was established six years ago by the Russian Society of Oil and Gas Engineers, the “Golden ROSING” award has become one of the most prestigious in the industry

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