May 25, 2009
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№4 April   2009

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SPE Europe / EAGE - Amsterdam

Start Date: 08/06/2009       End Date: 11/06/2009

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On behalf of SPE, EAGE, and the Amsterdam Local Advisory Committee, we are pleased to invite you to the exciting city of Amsterdam, from 8 - 11 June 2009, to participate in the 71st EAGE Conference and Exhibition, which is being held jointly with SPE EUROPEC 2009.

The world’s increasingly growing demand for energy coming from existing and emerging markets has forced industry and governments to implement long term strategies to guarantee energy supply in the next decades. The combination of resources growth and energy diversification is crucial to develop
the energy business in the years to come while controlling the environmental impact of the operational activities.

One of the key issues that the industry faces for reserves growth is the increasing complexity of new prospective areas. These areas are mainly located in deep water, or in areas where very harsh environmental conditions exist. The role of technology in these new developments is vital along with the improvement of efficient, environmentally friendly operations. From the energy diversification side, the importance of unconventional and alternative energy resources to help maintain the long term growth of the sector is undeniable.

Partnerships and complex relationships will need to be developed to achieve this goal in the near future with large efforts put into R&D and technology sharing programs. The challenge is to achieve a balance between resource growth and energy diversification while reducing the overall impact on climate-change. People, cooperation, integration, processes, technology and innovation are key enablers to achieve this objective. This is why we have selected for this year’s EAGE Annual Conference and SPE EUROPEC, the theme of ‘Balancing Global Resources’.

The city of Amsterdam has been a centre for international commerce and trading for many centuries. I hope this exciting venue will allow you to have a stimulating environment where novel ideas and new initiatives can be presented and discussed. The active contribution of the new generations of professionals is important. They are the key players in confronting the complex challenges ahead.

I look forward to seeing you at EUROPEC 2009.

Carolina Coll
SPE Committee Chair EUROPEC 2009





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