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15 Jul 2015 05:34 MSK World Wide Gost - Tips for Exporters

Whether you are new to the Russian market, or have been exporting industrial equipment to the FSU for years, certification is an issue you cannot avoid.

04 Jan 2013 21:40 MSK Lufkin Industries - Lufkin Industries - A New Control Technology for Progressing Cavity Pumps

This paper will cover a new control technology for progressing cavity pumps that was designed to meet the challenge of operating progressing cavity pumps (PCP). Extending the run life while producing all available fluids is the goal of all PCP operators.

04 Jan 2013 21:38 MSK Lufkin Industries - Rod Pumping Deviated Wells

Today’s state-of-the-art predictive software for rod pumping can be used to design and optimize rod pumping in deviated wells as well as vertical wells.

04 Jan 2013 21:33 MSK Lufkin Industries - Well Production Testing Using a Rod Pump Controller

A production test method that has proven to be accurate and reliable has been developed using the downhole pump card generated by a rod pump controller.The method will be explained and data will be presented of field tests showing actual well tests compared to the calcul

04 Jan 2013 21:25 MSK Lufkin Industries - Design Considerations When Rod Pumping Gas Wells

By optimizing every component for the lower fluid volumes required for gas well de-watering, installation costs can be minimized.

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