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08.10.2013 Gazprom Relies on Pentair Thermal Management to Keep Gas Flowing

The efficient and fast movement of natural gas from gas fields to processing regions requires a complex transportation system.

04.10.2013 Belarusian Oil Market to Become a Battlefield for Russian Companies

Until recently, the situation with the supply of Russian crude oil to Belarusian oil refineries has been developing quite predictably.

19.09.2013 Taking Control – Selecting the Right Control and Monitoring System for Hazardous Environments

Control and monitoring has become a significant challenge in many industries in recent years.

19.09.2013 The Russian Far East as a New Gas Hub Prospects for the Development of Production, Processing and Transportation to Asia-Pacific Region

Forecasts of lower world prices for gas in the coming years are depressing the investment attractiveness of the exploration and production of “expensive” fields in the east of Russia — the cost of operating in the region is significantly higher today than in other territ

17.09.2013 Russian Oil Investors Gain From Influence In Iraq - OGE Exclusive

This summer Iraq’s federal and regional leaders paid subsequent visits to Russia and strengthened Russian Gazprom Neft, Lukoil, and Rosneft oil contracts, while Iraq's internal dispute over hydrocarbon revenue sharing continues to force international investors to choose either central or regional governments’ fields to exploit but not both.

13.09.2013 Beating a Dead Horse - Russian Oil Producers Still Await Tax Incentives For New Regions

The oil situation in Russia is similar to that of gas production: main fields in West Siberia are already depleted, but there is no worthy alternative yet.

07.09.2013 International Endowment Oil & Gas prospects for countries in Arctic region

Attention of the oil and gas sector was attracted to the Arctic region long ago due to its significant hydrocarbon reserves – their share in the world unexplored recoverable resources of oil and gas can reach 20 percent.

30.08.2013 Effective Solutions in Planning Field Development

It is impossible to imagine a modern oil/gas producing field without a reservoir simulation model of the production target. It ensures optimal operations and use of investments, maximum risk reduction at all stages of the field development.

29.08.2013 PHOTO REPORTAGE: Baker Hughes To Officially Open Tyumen ESP Cable Factory in November

Baker Hughes plans to officially open its ESP cable factory in Tyumen Region, Russia, in November, Baker Hughes production manager Nikolay Krasnorutskiy said.

23.08.2013 Smart Pigging - Estimating Corrosion Hazard on the Trunk Oil Pipelines

The article discusses a methodological approach to ranking of main oil pipeline sections by the degree of corrosion hazard using smart pigging data.