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18.11.2013 Access Pipeline Achieves Alarm Improvements Through Rationalization

Access Pipeline’s project demonstrated the positive results of a comprehensive alarm rationalization effort. After completing a thorough rationalization, alarm systems can be expected to provide significantly less activation and fewer nuisance alarms.”

18.11.2013 Belarusian Oil Market to Become a Battlefield for Russian Companies Soon it will become clear, who is going to get the best piece of the pie

Until recently, the situation with the supply of Russian crude oil to Belarusian refineries has been developing quite predictably. Certain problems in relations between the partners emerged solely in terms of coordinating the quarterly supplies and the annual balance.

12.11.2013 NIS Pursues Exploration in the Balkans, Reports Improved Refining Results

Having completed the first stage of a major processing upgrade in 2012, Serbia-based Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) is now also stepping up its upstream activities. 

10.11.2013 Prirazlomnaya Rig: Myths and Reality

In September, Greenpeace activists attempted to board the Prirazlomnaya oil rig in the Pechora Sea as part of a protest against hydrocarbon production in the Arctic. Greenpeace proposes to turn the region with a fragile ecosystem into a protected zone.

10.11.2013 Proving Seismic in Unconventional Plays

Unconventional reservoirs such as those found in shale, tight gas and oil, and oil sand formations require unique strategies to develop and exploit.

04.11.2013 U.S. Shale Revolution and Prospects for Development of Unconventional Oil and Gas Resources in Russia

Extraction of mineral resources is developing at a fast pace, having doubled during the last decade. This results in a depletion of the fields located in developed areas and areas where the geology is favorable.

22.10.2013 ICP Prevention in Wells Controlling the Leak Integrity of Casing Wellhead Seals

The following technology is ideal for various types of development wells with ultra-low intake capacity of interstring space <0.0083 m³/(h*MPa) or less than 2 m³ per day at 10 MPa.

16.10.2013 Schneider Electric Considers Russia Number One Market in Terms of Equipment and Various Systems for Oil and Gas Industry

Mikhail Cherkasov, Director, Oil and Gas Infrastructure BU at Schneider Electric talks to OGE on company's advanced automation and electric  equipment solutions. 

13.10.2013 Transoil Summarizes Its Performance Results For the Six Months Ended 30 June 2013

Transoil LLC, the largest Russian private rail operator of rolling stock by volume transported and the market share in the oil and petroleum products rail freight market, announces its operational results for the six months ended 30 Ju

08.10.2013 ТМК Improves Oilfield Service Efficiency

Building on service: TMK NGS becomes a full-service option for oil and gas customers worldwide. With technologies advancing rapidly, it is not enough to make quality products.