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01.02.2014 When “Revolution” Is Simply History Repeating Itself

Shale, shale, shale – it’s the new mantra of the oil and gas industry. Production of hydrocarbons from reservoirs with low permeability is destined to make the United States energy independent in the very near future.

22.01.2014 Shale Revolution Opens New Horizons In Horizontal Drilling

The first successes of “shale revolution”, itself associated with the development of horizontal drilling and fracturing technologies, led to a sharp uptick in the horizontal wells.

02.01.2014 Russia Macro-Politics: Friends Reunited

Oil&Gas Eurasia offers this opinion piece on the Russian economy, excerpted from a recent investment brief by Chris Weafer, head of Macro-Advisory, a bespoke investment consultancy for Russia and the CIS (www.macro-advisory

29.12.2013 ExxonMobil Invests in R&D in Industrial Lubricants Markets

So the 10-hour transatlantic flight is behind you and the passport check was a breeze. You barely moved in your seat during the whole 10 hours, but your step is vigorous now as you head toward the baggage claim area.

23.12.2013 Unconventionals in Russia: Legal Aspects

The unconventional resource boom that hit the United States and Europe had gone relatively unnoticed in Russia until recently.

20.12.2013 Fighting Stress: Anti-corrosion Protection For Russian Gas Pipelines

The search for effective anti-corrosion methods is one of the major challenges in providing reliable operation of Russia’s nationwide gas transportation network 

14.12.2013 On the Cusp of Discovery. Turkey Steps Up Shale Gas Development as Russia Looks On

Turkey, with an energy market heavily dependent on Russian gas supply, has long looked to multiply its oil and gas supply sources. More recently, however, it has turned towards expanding its domestic potential.

09.12.2013 Between a Rock and a Hard Place The loss of Gazprom’s monopoly on the export of LNG could undermine the gas giant’s position in Europe

As early as 2014 Rosneft and NOVATEK  could be granted the right to export liquefied natural gas (LNG) by-passing Gazprom.

19.11.2013 Interference Тesting Conducted in Kharyaga’s Carbonate Reservoirs

Well interference testing comes in handy when determining hydrodynamic properties of reservoirs. This approach is particularly efficient for carbonate deposits with complex geology – sinkholes, cracks and cavities.

19.11.2013 Gas Supplies to EU: Europe at a Crossroads

Over the last decade, Russia, Norway and Algeria have been the European Union’s (EU) major gas suppliers. During this period, EU gas imports grew from 253.7 billion cubic meters in 2002 to 317.7 billion m3 cubic meters in 2012.