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12.03.2014 Sanctions Impact on Russia – Step by Step?

The following is an analysis of how a four-staged imposition of sanctions by the EU-US could affect the Russian economy should the east-west standoff over Crimea worsen. The author, Chris Weafer, is a long-time Moscow-based analyst and is a highly respect Russia watcher in international investment circles.

12.03.2014 New Rigs Key To Russia's Upgrade аnd Drilling Plans

For Russia, new oil today means new dollars to fill state coffers and prop up the economy. However, bigger output largely depends on new rigs.

07.03.2014 How Many Rigs Will It Take to Keep Drillers Drilling Efficiently?

The growth in West Siberian oil production is slowing, and may be headed in a direction that no petro state wants to go. But that is good news for service and equipment suppliers, especially right now, in drilling.

03.03.2014 Russia & Ukraine: Economy & Market Implications

Risk has ratcheted up. It is a statement of the obvious to say that the situation in Ukraine has just become a whole lot more uncertain. A great has already been written about the events of this weekend and every possible scenario has been proposed and discussed.

22.02.2014 Czech Ace Up Rimera’s Sleeve The managing company upgrades its MSA plant, boosting production capacity and expanding its product range

In mid-December, Rimera held a ceremony to unveil a new workshop at its MSA plant (Dolni Benesov city, Czech Republic), marking the end of a two-year-long first stage of the factory’s modernization.

21.02.2014 Canadian Arctic Is Next Destination for Global Majors

One of the ground rules for major operators in the global energy industry is to take any opportunity to explore and develop hydrocarbon resources, no matter how geologically challenging and financially demanding they may be.

19.02.2014 Capital Construction: IT Investments Pay Off Handsomely

Oil and gas industry, on par with transport, construction and real estate, is a leader in capital construction investments. Moreover, according to forecasts by Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development, investment growth is slated to continue in coming years.

11.02.2014 Gazprom Puts Stakes on Dutch Gas Storage Project

Reliability of gas supply is one of the pillars of energy policy in the European gas market, which has traditionally been Gazprom’s key market.

10.02.2014 Gas Tariffs: Independents on the Offensive

A drop in domestic gas consumption and difficulties with filling state coffers have led to a new round of battle in Russia’s gas market between Gazprom and independent producers.

07.02.2014 Lone Star State Welcomes Surgutneftegaz

In early December, Oil&Gas Eurasia launched its first Technical Excellence Tour to the United States.