Web Exclusives

16.04.2014 Gazprom Neft launches motor oil production in Siberia

Gazprom Neft has launched Russia’s largest motor oil production at the Omsk lubricant plant. Construction of the facility began more than three years ago.

10.04.2014 Microsiesmic Monitoring & Fracking: Downhole or Surface?

Growth in global energy demand encourages oil and gas companies to use secondary oil recovery methods for higher production rates – in particular, hydraulic fracturing.

09.04.2014 Oh, No, GMO or What Does Synthetic Yeast Have to Do With the Ukrainian Crisis?

The BBC pinged my iPhone again this morning – another alert with breaking news from Ukraine. But when I reviewed the headline feed, it was the Science & Environment section that caught my attention.

27.03.2014 Real-Time Load Measurement Improves Coiled Tubing Downhole Tools Performance on Horizontal Wells

Highly deviated and horizontal wells present challenges for many types of coiled tubing (CT) interventions. Surface measurements that feed into theoretical and predictive models for critical downhole parameters are reasonably accurate in vertical wells.

26.03.2014 Simultaneous Fracturing and Drilling in Unconventional Shale Plays

Unconventional shale drilling has developed rapidly throughout the last decade. The development of substantial prospects, especially in shale gas plays, requires advanced technologies and prudent well monitoring.

26.03.2014 Majors Commit Billions To Develop Canada’s Offshore Reserves in Atlantic

These are changing times for the offshore oil and gas industry in the two eastern Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador (NFL) along the Atlantic coast.

21.03.2014 Reference Recorders: “New Kid on the Block” Is Driving Change in Pressure Measurement

David K. Porter, P.E. is the division vice president, Crystal Engineering business manager at AMETEK, Inc. He has over 25 years experience; the last 13 years were spent in the test and measurement field developing rugged, highly accurate, and easy-to-use instruments.

19.03.2014 Top Drive Manufacturers Bullish On Russian Operations

Oil&Gas Eurasia interviewed five leading top drive manufacturers operating in Russia regarding their products and drilling solutions, including solutions for horizontal drilling.

13.03.2014 Horizontal Drilling, Multi-Stage Fracking Drives Top Drive Sales

Russian producers are expanding their use of horizontal drilling and hydrofacking to ferret out hard-to-produce and tight oil, as these previously high cost technologies are becoming more cost-friendly.

13.03.2014 Doing It Right. NOV Puts JV Horror Stories to Bed

Following a decade of futile attempts to enter the Russian market as a rig manufacturer, the U.S.-based NOV has made a breakthrough with a project to build a rig plant in Volgorechensk in the сentral Russian region of Kostroma, largely owing to the Russian government’s full support.