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05.05.2014 Sakhalin Energy — 20 Years of “Firsts” as Russia’s Pioneer in Offshore and LNG

It has been 20 years since Sakhalin Energy initiated Russia’s first foray into offshore oil and gas production. Since its stakeholders signed the Sakhalin-2 production sharing agreement (PSA) to develop the Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye oil and gas fields in 1994, there have been many other firsts as well

28.04.2014 Russian Oil Firms Turn Associated Gas into Valuable Resource

The Russian government’s drive to make oil firms use associated petroleum gas (APG) mor

23.04.2014 Sakhalin Retrospective Reveals the Foundation of Russia’s Offshore Experience and LNG Strategy

It has been 20 years since stakeholders signed the Sakhalin-2 PSA that kicked off development of the Piltun-Astokhskoye and Lunskoye oil and gas fields offshore in the Russian Far East.

22.04.2014 U.S.-Africa Win, Europe Loses if Russian Energy Sanctioned

U.S. and African oil exporters may benefit if the West were to sanction Russia’s oil and gas sector, as international tensions continue to build over Ukraine. The EU would hurt as much as Russia, however, and the expected spike in international oil prices would plunge the world back into recession.

21.04.2014 Recovering Tight Oil Geophysicists take the floor

The importance of bringing on stream Russia’s unconventional hydrocarbon resources has been duly recognized by local majors. OGE asked geophysical experts to share their views on how to unlock the vast potential of these formations. 

20.04.2014 Yamal Bests Shtokman in Race to Build Russia's 2nd LNG Plant

The cost of construction of Russia’s second LNG plant has gone up some 50 to 60 percent against initial estimates, reaching the investment level of Gazprom’s Shtokman gas condensate field development project, which the monopoly delayed indefinitely.

19.04.2014 Rosneft Rushes to Repay Loans

How heavy is Rosneft’s debt burden resulting from last year’s acquisition of TNK-BP? How long will it take Russia’s largest oil company to pay off the gigantic loans? Would Rosneft be able to service them without additional financial instruments?

19.04.2014 Russian Energy Innovators Seek Angel Investors

Russia’s drive to boost energy efficiency, kick-s

18.04.2014 High-Resolution Seismic for Eastern Siberia Gazprom Neft Pioneers UniQ Technology in the Chonsky Project

Compared to West Siberia, Russia’s traditional oil production region, operators in East Siberia, which hasn’t been that well explored, have a harder time producing under complex geological conditions.

18.04.2014 Core Analysis Helps Model Bazhenov Formation Deposits

The “Shale Revolution” turned Russian oil producers’ attention to Bazhenov suite resources, estimated by various industry sources to range from 2 to 22 billion tons.