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26.04.2013 Winners of the Global Energy Prize Announced

The International Award Committee for the Global Energy Prize has selected the 2013 Prize Winners – Professor Akira Yoshino (Japan) and Vladimir Fortov, RAS academician, Director of RAS United Institute for High Temperatures (OIVT), a member of the Scientific Advisory Bo

25.04.2013 U.S. Shale Forcing Gazprom to Lower Gas Export Price by 2016

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russia's Ministry of Economic Development released a report this month predicting that competition from North American shale gas exports will force Gazprom to lower its export prices by 2016.

24.04.2013 LUKOIL Could Participate in Brazil Oil and Gas Projects

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russian oil company LUKOIL could acquire a 40 percent share of Brazilian oil producer OGX Petroleo&Gas Participacoes. LUKOIL is currently auditing OGX, according to Bloomberg, who cites Brazilian newspaper Folha de S.Paulo.

22.04.2013 Russia Must Rethink its Energy Strategy

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. When the Russian government first formulated its Energy Strategy to 2020 10 years ago, the Ministry of Energy predicted that the oil industry would be able to produce 350 million tons (2.5 billion barrels) of oil per year by the end of 2020.

18.04.2013 Kazakhstan Proposes New Rules for Subsoil Use

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Oil and Gas (MOG), as the competent authority for national hydrocarbon subsoil use contracts and licenses, drafted a set of proposed amendments to three statutes relating to energy industry activities in August 2012: the Subsoil Law (SL), the Lic

15.04.2013 Experts Report on Technologies for Pipeline Renovation in Russia

Currently, Russia’s primary pipelines transport approximately 750 billion cubic meteres (bcm) of natural gas and 500 million tons of oil annually, according to data presented by Valentin Mezhevich, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of Federation Committee on Economic

11.04.2013 Russia Needs Pipelines to Mongolia, China, Korea to Capture Far East Energy Market

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Moscow must focus efforts on developing critical energy infrastructure in the Far East in order to boost its energy relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific, according to panelists at the Moscow International Energy Forum on Wednesday.

09.04.2013 Industry Wants More Government Incentives to Develop Electric Vehicles in Russia

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Government and industry officials called for more market regulation and federal subsidies to stimulate growth of Russia's electric vehicles market at the Moscow International Energy Forum today.

09.04.2013 Poland Sets out to Accelerate Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction

Companies interested in exploration and extraction of shale gas in Poland should know that the Environmental Ministry is working on a proposal for an amendment to the Geological and Mining Act (the Proposal) that aims to facilitate permit procedures as well as create les