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17.06.2013 Gazprom’s Overseas Challenge Rising LNG Competition Shakes Up Gas Market

Today’s gas market is experiencing a significant influx of new LNG project that, according to Ernst & Young, could double global LNG capacity by 2025.

14.06.2013 Experts Report on Renovation of Main Pipelines in Russia

It’s not that nothing is being done – rather, the pace of modernization is achingly slow.

11.06.2013 EIA: Russia Top In Technically-Recoverable Shale Oil Reserves

In a report issued Monday by the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Russia tops a list of countries with technically-recoverable shale oil reserves. The EIA states that Russia has 75 billion barrels of shale oil.

10.06.2013 Gas for Asia. Gas Supplies to Asia-Pacific Region Becomes a Priority for Russia

Building new export infrastructure in Russia’s Far East is a major part of Moscow’s push to Asia-Pacific energy markets.

29.05.2013 Rosneft to Aquire Remaining 49% Stake in Itera

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Rosneft will buy out the remaining 49% stake in Itera from its founder Igor Makarov and his partners. It is expected that the deal will be valued at $3 billion.

16.05.2013 Novatek Confirms 2016 Start Date for Yamal LNG

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russia's second-largest gas producer, Novatek, confirmed in a teleconference with shareholders this week that it's Yamal LNG project will remain on track to begin commercial operations in 2016, according to a number of Russian press sources.

14.05.2013 U.S. LNG Projects Eye Asian and European Customers Post-2016

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. In a new report, the U.S. Energy Information Agency (EIA) predicts that the United States will become a net LNG exporter as early as 2016.

08.05.2013 Gazprom Expands Arctic Offshore Exploration

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russian Prime Minister Dmitriy Medvedev signed a new government decree, published May 3, that grants Gazprom exclusive development rights for four new offshore fields in Russia's sector of the Barents Sea.

03.05.2013 Russian Minister Revises Domestic Gas Tariff Increases Citing Slow Economic Growth

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Russia's Minister of Economic Development, Andrey Belousov, stated April 29 that the government could limit it's annual gas price increases for industrial customers starting in 2014.