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26.06.2013 New Standard of Measuring Diversification and Security in Energy Markets (Part 2)

In the first section of the article we made a presentation of new Balanced Diversification Index (BDI) and Transitive Optimal Market Equilibrium Model (TOMEM) in comparative analysis with traditional Shannon-Wiener Index (SWI) and Hirshman-Herfindahl Index (HHI).

26.06.2013 Director of the Moscow Refinery Arkadiy Egizaryan Talks on the Modernization Program, the Moscow Market and Relations with the State

Moscow Refinery will complete the first phase of modernization program by the end of the year . The program, that started two years ago, consists of three phases and is to be completed by 2020.

26.06.2013 Gaining the Advantage as an Oil&Gas Industry Supplier

EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Speakers from oil and gas companies and representatives of various media outlets presented their visions of delivery, the suppliers market and issues facing Russian oil service companies and equipment producers. 

26.06.2013 Russian Gasolines Improve In Quality

EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. The quality of oil products sold in Russia will grow as a result of the strict decisions taken by the government, participants in the technical discussions at the 11th Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress believe.

25.06.2013 MIOGE 2013 Oil&Gas Exhibit Opens in Moscow Heat

The MIOGE exhibit and Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress (RPGC) is traditionally one of the most important events in the Russian oil and gas industry.

23.06.2013 Aspects of Construction and Operation of Main Condensate Pipelines Under Complicated Natural and Climatic Environment

The article discusses the prospects of condensate transportation by main pipelines. Certain details of selection of pipeline laying in the complicated climatic environment are given.

23.06.2013 Corrosion Kills! Safety New Priority Transneft, Pipe Manufacturers & Service Industry Debate Standards Upgrade

The problem of pipeline corrosion remains one of the most topical problems for the oil-and-gas transportation sector. Pipeline systems make a significant impact on the environment and on the efficiency of transportation of hydrocarbons and other products.

21.06.2013 Tax Change Favors Tight Oil, Russian Unconventionals

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. Given today's oil prices, the production of unconventional oil and gas fields (specifically, shale oil and shale gas) is justified, Alexey Kondrashov, Partner, Global Oil & Gas Tax Leader at Ernst & Young, said.

21.06.2013 Kurdistan’s Natural Gas Resources May Become a Game-changer Over the Longer Term

If a firm manages to create a dominant position in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRG) oil business this could, in the long term, open a door to the gas business, as it did in the Caspian zones in the 1990s, when the Baku – Tbilisi – Ceyhan oil pipeline prepared the groun

19.06.2013 Gazprom May Lack Funds For Vladivostok-LNG Project

WEB EXCLUSIVE, Moscow. The $7 billion which Gazprom has budgeted to build an LNG production facility under the Vladivostok-LNG project may not be enough, say experts from VTB Capital.