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17.06.2014 WPC: Experts Discuss Exploration and Production in the Arctic

The Arctic remains one of the last "frontiers" to be conquered by the oil and gas industry's exploration and production sector.

16.06.2014 World Petroleum Congress Gets Underway in Russia

The 21st World Petroleum Congress got under way today in Moscow's Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center. The opening ceremony was held in the Kremlin in the State Kremlin Palace.

10.06.2014 Optimizing Choice of Horizontal Well Borehole Profile Design

Today, one of important goals for oil and gas companies operating in competitive envirionment is to reduce costs of well drilling. One of the most perspective ways to accomplish that goal is to optimize well borehole profiles.

07.06.2014 Gazprom Neft Open to Investment in Refining Capacity Outside of Russia

Gazprom Neft refined less oil in 2013 than it did in 2012, with refining volumes dropping from 43.3 million tons to 426 million tons, year-on-year, Gazprom Neft CEO Aleksandr Dyukov said 6 June during the company's annual shareholder meeting.

06.06.2014 Sanctions May Impact Russian Oil Companies' Debt Securities Placements

Тhe sanctions against Russia, imposed by EU and the United States, may dramatically change the landscape of debt securities placement by Russian oil companies and their affiliates in foreign trading markets.

04.06.2014 Gazprom Goes South The monopolist steps up construction of the South Corridor gas pipeline network

The execution of Gazprom’s project to build the South Stream gas transportation system designed to supply additional volumes of natural gas to Europe via the Black Sea is in full swing.

03.06.2014 Tough Choice: If Europe decides to slash gas imports from Russia, it will shoot itself in the foot

The growing tension between the West and Russia over the annexation of Crimea accentuated all problems that have plagued gas ties between longtime partners.

29.05.2014 What Part Might Offshore Black Sea Production Play in Crimea?

When I was a kid, there was this worry in the air that the world would soon run out of oil and gas.

19.05.2014 Price Corridor: Who is trying to knock down the price of oil?

The attempts to use intervention measures to artificially knock down global oil prices is likely to be counterproductive and may eventually lead to shrinking investments into the industry, Gazprom Neft general director Alexander Dyukov said at the April 4 meeting with pr

08.05.2014 “An Offshore Platform Is No Place for Experiments”

Damir Valeyev, deputy general director for strategic development at Gazprom Burenie, the general contractor for well construction at the Prirazlomnoye oil field in the Pechora Sea, told OGE in an interview how to achieve the zero LTI, what problems the complex geological