Grup Servicii Petroliere Presents the Akcakoca Project

October 22, 2012


The Akcakoca site is located in a water depth of 95 M, approximately 14 km from shore. The development plan for the Akcakoca gas reserve considered setting a 4-legged Jacket over the two predrilled wells, AKC-3 and AKC-4, whose mean true vertical depths are 1600 M, and drilling three new directional wells, with the self contained modular drilling rig GSP 31, which will also be used for completing and maintaining all wells.

The platform structure developed for the 95M water depth site supports the topsides facility. The platform structure comprises a four legged X braced template ‘jacket’ structure and a two level trussed ‘deck’ structure.

The principal function of the platform is to act as a support and protection structure for the wellheads and pipeline risers and to provide means of surface access for well control and maintenance.

A subsea pipeline of 12’’ and 7 kilometers was installed by GSP Bigfoot 1 in April 2010 and tied-in to the existing offshore pipeline system via a piggable wye connection for transporting the produced gas from the Akcakoca platform to the Cayagzi gas processing plant located at the onshore near Akcakoca town.

The offshore construction project has been executed by GSP. The jacket and topsides were fabricated as subassemblies within GSP Shipyard, the fabrication process being completed in June 2010. GSP carried out the offshore installation works as well as the self contained modular drilling rig installation.

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