Weatherford Successful Performed Microseismic Monitoring at Kogalymskoe Oilfield

July 18, 2013

Weatherford implemented the first microseismic monitoring operation during a frac job at a LUKOIL-AIK asset, the company reported in a news release. It was performed while four-stage fracturing in a horizontal well at Kogalymskoe field.

Microseismic control was carried out by Weatherford’s Wireline PL while intensification with array consisting of 8 digital three-component geophones installed in the deviated monitoring well. The velocity model was developed from the cross-dipole acoustic logs in the well before monitoring. Further tool positioning was carried out based on seismic waves during seating the frac balls to the circulation valves in the process of the stimulation operations. The waveform data were processed, studied and interpreted by Weatherford’s Petroleum Consulting PL.

The microseismic monitoring performed by Weatherford’s specialists, became one of the successful work in Russia; and it was the first time globally a three-core cable has been used to do it. Project’s implementation helped testing and proving that new survey method, and plan to apply such a technology for determination the location and sizes of the created fractures. LUKOIL-AIK attempt to implement innovations and improve work efficiency let check its effectiveness and give it the green light. 

Source: Weatherford, 2013.